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Board of Trustees

Bluff Dale I.S.D. School Board

James Barton, President – TERM: 11/2020-11/2024


Drew Sibley, Vice President – TERM: 11/2018-11/2022


Camille Eckersley – TERM: 11/2020-11/2024


Georgia Scott – TERM: 11/2020-11/2024


Kolby Stewart – TERM: 11/2020-11/2024


Curtis Hollingsworth – TERM: 11/2021-11/2022


Julie Anderson – TERM: 11/2021-11/2022


Bluff Dale Independent School District's Board of Trustees is very dedicated to the education of all students attending BDISD and in representing the community of Bluff Dale.

If you have any questions or concerns about board related issues or feel your concerns have not been answered by school administration, all board members can be contacted via email by clicking on the board member's name.