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Student Council

Student Council Officers: Trinity Horn, Lauren Barton, Jonah Whites, Jayden Burch, Madisyn Nagel

Student Council Officers: Trinity Horn, Lauren Barton, Jonah Whites, Jayden Burch, Madisyn Nagel

What is StuCo?

Student Council is a team of students willing to be leaders in the school. Bluff Dale’s StuCo currently has 26 members. StuCo works with the community in many different ways. For example, every year Bluff Dale hosts a Thanksgiving lunch that is open to the community as well as students and their families. StuCo members volunteer to help setup, serve, and clean up after everyone is done eating. StuCo members have to have a minimum of 6 hours of community service to continue to be part of the Student Council.

StuCo also works to improve members' public speaking skills in preparation for their future. Every year there is a September 11th and a Veterans Day program and members have to put it on and speak during it. Also one junior high and one high school student speaks once a month during the school board meeting to keep our school board up to date on what the student council is doing.

Student council fundraisers are done for many different reasons. Some examples are Hat day, every Friday students have the option to pay one dollar to wear a hat. 50% of all proceeds go towards Patriot Paws, an organization training service dogs for veterans. The other half of the proceeds go to student awards and activities. Other fundraisers done throughout the year help purchase supplies for decorating our school. Also, StuCo picks one bigger item to do each year for our school. One year it was to help purchase bulletin boards for the high school hallway.

Another thing that StuCo works for is to increase student involvement and school pride. Have you noticed the sticky notes in the halls and in the bathrooms? The Junior High StuCo members believed that morale in the school could use a boost so they wanted to post fun and encouraging messages for everyone to see.

StuCo currently meets once a week on Thursdays in the library during success and as needed on lunch breaks. To be part of StuCo all you have to do is pick up an application and fill it out and turn it in at the end of the school year to join for the following school year. Then the next year you could be accepted and become part of the team!