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Campus Behavior Coordinator

Campus Behavior Coordinator


Legal Requirement

Under the requirements of Senate Bill 107, 84th legislature, TEC 37.0012, each campus must have a staff person designated as the Campus Behavior Coordinator.  The person designated may be the principal or any other campus administrator selected by the principal.


The Campus Behavior Coordinator is primarily responsible for maintaining student discipline and the implementation of this subchapter.

The Campus Behavior Coordinator is required to promptly notify a student's parent or guardian if the student is placed into in-school suspension, placed in a disciplinary alternative education program, expelled, or placed in a juvenile justice alternative education program or is taken into custody by a law enforcement officer.  A Campus Behavior Coordinator must comply with this subsection by:

  1. promptly contacting the parent or guardian by telephone or in person; and
  2. making a good faith effort to provide written notice of the disciplinary action to the student, on the day the action is taken, for delivery to the student's parent or guardian

If a parent or guardian entitled to notice of a student's disciplinary removal has not been reached by telephone or in person by 5 p.m. of the first business day after the day the disciplinary action is taken, the Campus Behavior Coordinator must mail written notice of the disciplinary action to the parent or guardian at the parent's or guardian's last known address.  I a Campus Behavior Coordinator is unable or not available to promptly provide the required notice to a parent or guardian of a student, the principal or other designee shall provide the notice.



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