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After School America


We have some very exciting news to share with you!

Dear Partners,

The Board of Director’s recently made the decision to cease our affiliation with Boys & Girls Clubs of America to become an independent youth-serving entity, effective October 1st, 2017. This decision will not impact the ongoing operations of the Boys & Girls Club of Hood County’s three Clubhouses. We will continue to provide the same after school programs that we currently are providing at our Stars Clubhouse, at our Decker Gym Clubhouse, and at our brand new Bluff Dale location! We will be calling those sites The Kids Club of Acton, the Kids Club of Granbury & the Kids Club of Bluff Dale. Our new organization will continue to serve the community under a different brand name. That name is now Afterschool America.

We are excited to look to new areas that need and want an afterschool program. We are excited to provide new programs aimed at youth and those in need of getting back into the workforce, and we are excited to create new partnerships with organizations who want to do these things as well! 

We also, as an organization, want to partner more with churches and other groups who serve our community. We are excited to reach out to the faith-based community as we see many opportunities to partner that will help our communities.

Our local organization was being asked to become a part of another Club and as an organization we deeply believe the youth of our communities are better served by having local leadership rather than be served through a board in Fort Worth. Boys & Girls Clubs of America has committed to support this transition over the next few months as we finalize plans for the new organization. If you have questions, please reach out to Jeff Bates, our Executive Director, for more information. He may be reached by email at

For the kids,

Jason Lyman                                                                                        Jeff Bates

President,                                                                                             Executive Director

Board of Directors,                                                                               Afterschool America