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Educational Excellence with Integrity


To provide students, staff and community with a positive, innovative learning environment that generate a thirst for lifelong learning through effort and great expectations


  • Bluff Dale ISD will provide an enriched curriculum that encompasses individual and student excellence.
    • Promote innovative learning
    • Allow enrichment opportunities
    • Increase parent and community involvement
  • Bluff Dale ISD will strive to provide and maintain the highest quality educators with tools and training to enhance integrity and collaboration.
    •  Implement high school rollout
    • Enhance technology
  • Bluff Dale ISD will strive to be fiscally conservative while remaining good stewards of taxpayer dollars
    • Manage fund balance
    • Recruit quality staff
    • Promote transparency
  • Bluff Dale ISD will provide permanent secure facilities to address continued needs and growth.
    • Increase and monitor enrollment
    • Replace portable buildings
    • Enhance security training