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Construction Update Photos

Progress continues on the new building!  
100% of the rough-in is complete.
Door frames should begin being installed and the locker room ceilings will be poured this week. 
The North side interior framing is complete.
The preliminary site grading and transformer pad is complete.
Final selections have been made for gym colors.
Current decisions include water tap and propane
We continue to make great progress on the new building!
We did, unfortunately, lose one day to rain this month so far.  
The properties have been platted as one property and the septic design has been submitted to the state for approval.
Rough-in plumbing has began in the locker rooms, the interior framing continues, and rough-in electrical is begin installed as the walls go up.
Roofers are continuing their installation.  It seems as though it is taking a little longer than expected, but they are installing the roof curbing as they go. 
Door frames should be delivered today or tomorrow.
Site grading and masonry should be complete by the end of the week.
The concrete crew will be back next week.
The East locker room is about 90% complete.  The contractor will start the layout of the West locker room sometime today.

The roofers are continuing to make progress.  Framers will begin their layout today, beginning with the middle elevation first.  
The plumbing and electrical rough-in should begin next week.
Dirt work will begin to take place around the new building today as well.
It is so exciting to see some progress on our building!  
TxDOT is reviewing our proposed entry off of 2481.  Their review and proposed plan should be complete soon.
The septic engineer is still working on the design.  Since we will be relocating sprinklers from the existing system, the design required some slight changes.  
Roof insulation is currently being installed.  They began on the North side of the building and will be working toward the South.
The masonry crew has dropped off all of their materials and should begin within the next couple of days.
Interior framing is still scheduled to begin the first week of April.  Shortly after framing begins, the electricians and plumbers will begin their interior work.
All of the slab has been poured.  The metal construction company has the south side framing up.  They are currently working on putting the insulation straps in place.   They should begin framing the gym side of the building by the end of this week.  Roofing material should be delivered sometime next week.  Lyness Construction has a goal to begin interior framing by March 25th and install rough-in plumbing and electrical by April 1st.
This weather is really getting in the way of our progress; HOWEVER, we should start seeing some walls being installed by Friday!
Only part of the foundation has been poured.  They will pour the rest next week.  (weather permitting!!!)
The metal company will begin raising exterior walls on the North side and work around to the South side.  Once the walls are complete, they will start the same process with the roof.  
The insulation lining will be installed once the roof is complete.
Lyness said that their goal is to begin interior framing in April.
All of the underground electrical work is complete, and we are beginning to pour concrete today!  
The concrete will have to cure for approximately a week.  There will be a crew arriving on Monday to begin organizing our steel building.  By next Wednesday, we should actually see our building begin to take form!!
We are pouring footers for our new building!!  The initial utilities are also being installed.  It won't be long and we should see a slab!!!!
We are actually making progress with the dirt work!  The compaction testing is going well which means we should be able to begin drilling for caissons next week.  Lyness construction did want us to know that the drilling will most likely be quite loud.  
We have made all of the repairs to the septic system that we can make to this point.  As you can tell, we are down to only 3 sprinkler heads, which means that the system MUST be on at all times.  We are waiting for the septic engineer to give us a schematic as to how to resolve our current issue.  As soon as we are approved, we will be installing additional sprinklers in order to set our septic for a timed spray.  In the meantime, we are looking at installing temporary fencing to stop foot traffic from crossing the playground.