• Community Service and Volunteer Hours

      Many clubs and recognitions require students to perform a certain number of community service hours each year.  It is also a vital piece that colleges and scholarships look at.  Service log cards are located in the GCS Lab.  All service logs should be turned in no later than April 30 of the school year they were performed.  Seniors should have all required hours submitted by April 30 of their senior year.  You should check with your individual club for any specifics to their hours.  Basic requirements for service hours are as follows:


      *Maximum of 8 hours per day                   

      *Only 40 hours may come from ONE organization

      *60 hours must be for a non-profit organization

      *June is considered the next school year.         

      *Hours are accepted the summer before entering 9th grade through April 30 of senior year.


      Examples of community/volunteer hours:

      *Volunteering for a non-profit organization

      *Community service through a religious organization (NOT during regular services.)

      *Helping at an orphanage, foster home, nursing home, or elderly

      *Donating blood


      Examples of what is NOT community/volunteer hours:

      *Selling items for fund-raisers

      *Volunteer work during regular school hours

      *Babysitting or yard work for others

      *UIL Competitions

      *Service where the recipient is a family member