Gifted and Talented
       At Bluff Dale ISD, we assess for GT in the areas of:
                     *High Intelligence
                     *Social Studies 
      *Bluff Dale ISD serves our K-8 students identified at Gifted and Talented in our pull-out program.
      *ALL kindergarden students are screened in the spring semester.  Those scoring well enough will then be tested.  
      *Students in high school are served through advanced course work.  Strengths in other areas, such as creativity and leadership are met through the various programs and extra-curricular activities that Bluff Dale High School offers.
      *Nominations are formally called for in the spring, but can be made at any time.  
      Nominations are now being accepted!! Please notify your studet's teacher or Ms. Ware if you are interested in having your student tested for GT.  Nominations accepted through February 28.
      gifted education