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    In PE class, there will be a “3 strikes… you’re out” plan.

    Strike #1 –

    Student is given a verbal warning and an opportunity to correct inappropriate behavior.

    Strike #2 –

    If inappropriate behavior is not properly corrected, student will receive 5 minutes of time out from our activity and afterwards brainstorm and discuss with me how he/she should have behaved differently and what steps will be taken to correct the behavior.

    Strike #3 –

    -Student will miss the remaining/majority portion of the day’s physical activity. 

    -If infraction occurred at the end or near the end of class time, then time out will happen the following day. 

    -In addition, student may be required to miss part/all of Friday Free Choice Equipment activities, based on the severity of the infraction.  Student will also receive a note home to parents that will be signed and returned the following class day.


    *Please note: Teacher will have the discretion to refer the student for a visit to the office/principal based on the severity or frequency of the infraction, and in doing so, it may become necessary to bypass the “3 Strikes” system.

    Parent phone calls & conferences will also be made when deemed necessary, but parents are always welcome to email, call or conference with me over any concerns.