• Take Flight Homework


        Homework for Take Flight is important because it gives students more encounters with the information, which in turn, builds greater connections in their brain to the information being learned.  Theoretically, each lesson should take about an hour to complete.  Our sessions are only 30 minutes long.  Each group moves at its own pace, some faster than others.  Students have a calendar in the front of their green folders.  I try to put a checkmark next to the items that are homework for that day.  Your child should complete whatever is marked and then have the line next to that section initialed by the adult who observed them completing their work.  

        Right now, there are only three areas that we have for homework: handwriting, instant words, and RAP, or Repeated Accurate Practice.

        Handwriting--In Take Flight we learn and use cursive to write.  Many dyslexics have fewer reversals and can spell better when using cursive.  Although learning cursive is great, the real purpose behind the handwriting is building a connection between the letter shape, name, and it's sound.  Students should make 4 copies of the letter on each line.  It is best for students to name the letter and talk themselves through the formation of the letter as they write it.  The letter formation verbage is found at the top of the page.

        Instant Words--These are words that occur commonly in text and need to be instantly recognizable.  Students should read the section that is circled.  These words are in sets of 10.  We complete two groups of 10 and then review both of those groups together.  It is best to practice with an adult or someone else that can offer immediate feedback if a mistake is made.

        RAP (Repeated Accurate Practice)--The name tells the point of this practice.  The concept is found at the top of the page.  Students should read the section at the bottom.  We will have read it in class so it should be a review.  Again, practicing with someone is best so that mistakes may be immediately corrected.