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     Welcome to Pre-Kindergarten


    I am sure you and your child have lots ofquestions about Pre-K. So I will try and answer some frequently asked questions. But please feel free to ask me any other questions you might have.




    *School begins promptly every morning at 8:00a.m. Students are instructed to meet in the gym each morning. You may drop your child off each day between 7:30-7:55. I will pick students up from cafeteria each morning at 7:55.  We all eat breakfast (free of charge) from 8:00-8:30.Then we will place backpacks, lunch boxes and nap mats in cubbies. Cubbies are located inside the classroom.  The first week ofschool you may walk your child to the classroom. Please say your good byes and leave the classroom. It is very important that they experience this independence early on and are made to feel capable of handling this procedure on their own.










    *Your child will bring home a folder each day. Please check the calendar each night for special dates and notes. Please initial the calendar each night. You may put any notes for me or for the office, in the folder. Each morning your child will remove their folder and leave it in the box outside the classroom door.




    *Lunch will be 10:45-11:15. You may come eat lunch with your child. When you arrive please check in with the office first. Every child in Pre-k receives a free lunch everyday. You are welcome to pack a lunch too.






    *Naptime- 1:30-2:15- Please bring a nap mat, blanket, pillow or nap mat combo andanything small your child wishes to sleep with. Blanket and pillow must be ableto fit in a reusable shopping bag.














    *Please bring an extra pair of underwear/pants or shorts/shirt/socks for your child. (in case of an accident) This will be kept in a plastic bag in their backpack.










    *Show and Share- We will haveshow and share every Thursday. This can be anything that is special to yourchild. Please do not send anything breakable.








    *Behavior System- We use class Dojo. You will receive special instructions on how to sign up. 






    *If your child will be halfday student. Dismissal will be 12:10. Please go to the office and sign them outfirst. Then come to our classroom to pick up your child.






    *Snacks- We will have snacks everyday. Each child is responsible for one week’s worth of snacks. Some examples ofsnacks that are popular with children are goldfish, teddy grahams, cookies,pretzels, crackers.(NO PEANUTS) Fruit roll-ups, fruit snacks and apples are also enjoyed bythe children. Please feel free to bring whatever your child likes. You willknow it’s your child’s turn when he/she brings home the snack bag, the Fridaybefore their week. You do not need to send drinks. If you are unable to providesnacks please let me know so I can make other arrangements.




    *School Dress-


    1.      Please read the Bluff Dale School Dress Code Policy.


    2.     Pleasemake sure your child can easily manage their clothing. I will help button pants and tie shoes.


    3.     Wewill go outside everyday weather permitting. Please make sure once the weather cools down that your child comes to school with a jacket/coat.


    4.     We will go to PE every day. Please wear or bring tennis shoes. It’s advised thatgirls wear shorts under their dresses and skirts.


    *Birthdays-Birthdays are a special time in Pre-K. You are welcome to sendtreats/snacks/drinks for the class. We celebrate during our snack time usuallyaround 2:15


    For the sake of other’s feelings, do not send party invitations to school unlessall students from the class are going to be invited. Otherwise, invitations willneed to be mailed or distributed outside of school.




    *We will dismiss every day at 3:25. I will be waiting outside with PK children. You may park and walk up, or pull through the pick-up line to pick up your child.








    *When your child is sick and misses school, please send a note from youor your doctor explaining the reason for the absence.




    *I will occasionally e-mail photos; please do not post pictures on Facebook thatcontain students other than you own.




    *Website-You may go to my teacher website (located on the school website) to findimportant information.




            *My conference time will be 11:15-12:04 each day.






    Please e-mail me mwhites@bdisd.net or call me at school (254)728-3277. You can also message me on Class Dojo or remind, if youhave any questions or concerns.






    Meggan Whites




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