to the
    Bluff Dale ISD Cafeteria!
    Student Meal Prices
    Student Breakfast        $1.90    
    Student Lunch (PK-5)   $2.75
    Student Lunch (6-12)   $2.90 
    Milk/Juice                    $0.50
    Water Bottle                $1.00
    Adult Meal Prices
    Due to TDA guidelines, new prices will be Effective Aug. 1 2020
    Breakfast                    $3.25
    Lunch                         $3.75
    Milk/Juice                   $0.50
    Water Bottle               $1.00
    A La Carte 
    Main Entree                $1.50    
    Side Dish                    $1.00
     Elementary Menu
    JH/HS Menu
    Breakfast: Students may have a Juice and a Milk.
    Lunch:  Students are allowed a Milk.
    If students would like an additional drink, they are allowed to purchase one.
    Please feel free to contact Erin McCarten at emccarten@bdisd.net.
    Menus may change due to product availability.