Mrs. Burch’s First Grade Newsletter
    Week of March 18
    For Starters 
    Welcome back everybody! I hope your break was as wonderful as mine :) It was so good to see all the sweet faces this morning though. So thankful everyone was back safe and sound!
    I did not do any school over the break because I simply needed a break and time with my family; therefore I don't have papers graded for you this week. I will have them ready next Monday.

    Language Arts
    We will ease our way back into our phonics routine and learn a new spelling pattern. Y'all!! These kids!! They are reading and spelling so wonderfully great! It is amazing to see them growing. I am really pushing so if they seem frustrated, please let me know. We are also going to play with some prepositions as we read the book Rosie's Walk.
    We are going to repeat the spelling words from the week before spring break. They should still be in binders but let me know if you don't have them.

    We continue money this week by adding mixed coins and learning how to sort and count them in what I call a "money train". It gets a little complicated, but very doable :) I absolutely love this time of year!
    Science & Social Studies
    This week we enter our nature time...we'll start off with some rocks & soil and then work our way into plants & living and nonliving, which will then take us to animals. Fun times!
    ***I am asking the kids to each bring in a sample of soil from home in a sandwich baggie with their name written on the outside by Wednesday. We will compare different soil samples and see that all of us have different types of soil at our homes! I am also allowing them to bring in rocks for our "Rock Museum" to share with the class for a few days. I don't really have restrictions; whatever they can carry and you are fine with them bringing to school.
    Thank you to everyone who came to Open House! It was so nice visiting with you :)
    Thank you to Ella & Trinity and their families for snacks this week and next!!
    Snack Schedule: 
    March 18 - Ella
    March 25 - Trinity
    April 1 - Lilly