Mrs. Burch’s First Grade Newsletter
    Week of January 21
    For Starters 
    Hello! Can you believe January is almost over?!? Time is flying...  
    Language Arts
    So everyone should have their sight words in their binders at this point. I apologize for it taking FOREVER! But I was so pleasantly surprised to see how well the first intro to them went. This week we are going to learn another very helpful spelling rule call "final stable syllables". We will also continue working on rhyming...several of us are really struggling with this. If you would like to play word games in the car, at dinner, or during some down time, have your cutie give you real words that rhyme with an example you give. We'll also learn about synonyms and review antoynyms. 
    Whew! This past week was HARD! We had several days of centers to practice missing addends and unkown numbers because it proved to be tricky :) This week we will learn about expressions and then test over the unit.
    Science & Social Studies
    Our Snowman Soup was such a great success!! Hopefully you heard about it. The kids would like to do something like that again, so I will see what I can come up with :) The behavior in the room has been somewhat of a struggle since coming back from Christmas. I am coming down on the kids like never before (que the wicked laugh). But by doing it I am seeing some improvement. I am praising like never before also, so they know to be satisfied with their good choices. It's a work in progress, but very necessary. Our behavior buddies will make an appearance again this week! We'll talk about Martin Luther King, Jr and learn about forces of energy (not that of a first grader!). I really wish this program had emojis!!
    Thank you to Kayson and her family for snacks this week!!
    Snack Schedule: 
    Jan 28 - Emerson
    Feb 4 - Jaxson
    Feb 11 - Faye-Grace