• Favorites
    My favorite types of foods: Mexican, Italian and American  
    My favorite meal: BBQ chicken, cheese potatoes and green beans
    Favorite Restaurants: Reynaldos, La Fiesta, and Pastafina
    Favorite Sweets or Treats: Homemade Iced sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies
    Favorite Desserts: Chocolate Cake with seven minute white fluffy icing and Angel Food Cake (plain or with 7 minute white fluffy icing)
    Favorite Beverage:  Diet Coke
    Favorite places to shop:  Walmart, Catos, Staples, and Bealls
    Preferred pastimes, special interests and hobbies: Bowling, playing the piano, cooking, computers/technology
    Favorite flowers/plants: Roses, carnations, and plants that are easy to keep alive (My thumb is not very green!)
    Favorite Color: Purple (Can you tell?)
    Favorite scents: Cinnamon, vanilla, cherry 
    Favorite Entertainment pastimes: Movies, shopping, watching Bobcat Games
    Type of Music: Christian and Country Music
    Allergies: Guacamole and pineapples