• Philosophy: Getting a well-rounded education is essential! Learning encompasses much more than reading, writing and arithmetic. We, as teachers, must look at more than just those areas, we must teach for the mind (imagination), body (the individual), and soul (character) of each student.
    Classroom Rules and Procedures:
    1.  Be on time and prepared daily
    2.  Be respectful
    3.  Behave appropriately at all times
    4.  Do not distract others
    5.  Hands on your own computer
    6.  Do not abuse the equipment
    7.  No food or drinks at the computers
    Class Management Procedures:
    My expectations for behavior in my classroom are pretty simple. Behave appropriately at all times, and the class will be a pleasant place to learn.  I expect each student to be courteous to their classmates, which basically means if a student is working or reading don't do something to distract them.
    If misbehavior occurs, I will give a verbal warning, then a corrective action will be given such as a different seat assignment, and if that does not stop the misbehavior then lunch detention will be assigned and a note sent home.